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Our Security Systems Provide Safeguards for Emergencies so You Can Concentrate On What Really Matters


Keeping an Eye on What Matters Most

Camera Surveillance Systems help protect your business from shoplifting, employee theft and false accident claims. It allows you to visually monitor your entire facility while reducing the need for expensive guard services. CCTV systems also mean you can check in on your business from a remote location or review stored video from a dedicated software system. CCTV signals can even be setup to broadcast to a server and stream to the internet. They can also be directed to visible monitors in your home or business. Video software management programs allow you to monitor, store, and review CCTV feeds even when you can’t be there. Schedules can be programmed into the system and motion sensors can be set up to prevent recording at times it’s not necessary for you. Entire areas can be blocked out on a monitor so you can focus only on possible security threats. True protection means you always know what’s going on.

There, Even When You Can’t Be

Our remote video monitoring services help reduce the risk of theft, vandalism and loss. If your business experiences an alarm event, the system records and transmits images from a remote location to our off-site central monitoring station. There, the area of the alarm activity is viewed by trained central station operators who then respond according to the post command you’ve arranged. Authorities and Emergency Services can be dispatched through Triguard’s connection to the Central Station. You can rest assured when you invest in a CCTV system from Triguard Security.

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