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Our Security Systems Provide Safeguards for Emergencies so You Can Concentrate On What Really Matters

Fire Alarms

More Than Fire Alarm Systems

Invest in a system that protects your business from fire, employee theft, intrusion, and more. Fire alarm systems with wireless or wired integration are available with monitoring through Triguard to the central station, so there’s always someone to pick up the phone when you’re away. Integrated fire alarm and access control systems means you can manage your employees, your inventory, and your property.

Access Control, Too

Access control systems protect equipment, inventory and information by means of controlling employee access to certain areas. You won’t even need to replace keys and locks when an employee is terminated—simply remove the employee’s access authority information with a few simple keystrokes.

Integrated Systems for Your Protection

Systems can also be designed to work in conjunction with your intrusion and fire alarm systems. If tracking within the building is necessary, the system can also be set up to provide reports which details the time employees arrive, which rooms they enter, and when they leave the building.

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Whether your business is small or large, there are many options and opportunities available through TRIGUARD. We grow with you: adaptive systems integration with personalized quotes and installation means we can expand with your business. Call for a quote and more information.



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