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Intrusion Detection Systems

Building a Flexible System

Intrusion Detection Systems come with a variety of functions and can meet your goals of detecting suspicious traffic in various ways. They can also be integrated with other services like an access control panel from which to program and use security features and CCTV cameras so you can keep an eye on your property. They can be programmed to work on schedules or turned on with motion detectors, so alarms only ring at certain times. Motion sensors indoors and perimeter monitors serve as flexible additions to an intrusion detection system that sees what you need to see.

Theft Deterrence

Installing remotely monitored video cameras at all key exit locations is an excellent way to deter theft by those who gain access to the premises. Once people know their actions are being monitored, they will be discouraged from engaging in illegal activities. Theft rates drop dramatically after installation. Having an inventory problem? Don’t worry. Cameras installed by Triguard come with regular maintenance and monitoring and can store days or weeks of video footage so you can locate your problem. Triguard Security has been successful in assisting local police with criminal incarceration in the past, and it can work for you. Not having an inventory problem? Cameras and intrusion detection systems on your property reduce your risk for developing one in the future.

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