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Medical Alarm Systems

Freedom In Your Own Home

At Triguard, we know how things change when you or a loved one isn’t well. We also understand the importance of feeling safe and secure, which is why we offer help that is only a Push Button Away. Medical Alarms are life saving devices that can be invaluable to seniors, people living alone or handicapped individuals. Through the use of a small pendant or wrist transmitter, you have the freedom to be in your home, yard, garden or even out at your mailbox while assured help is a touch away if you need it. Limitations may apply to the scope of the system, so call today for more information. Should you fall or need assistance, the transmitter sends a signal to our Around The Clock Central Monitoring Station and help is on the way.

Powerful Technology, Support by Triguard

Medical Alarm systems can be integrated into a larger system to further protect you. Other services offered by Triguard include Security Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Telephone Systems, and CCTV for home and business. Our technicians will guide you through the installation process to keep you involved in the installation process and updated on the features of your system. We take maintenance and testing seriously and are available during business hours to answer questions.

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Whether your business is small or large, there are many options and opportunities available through Triguard. We grow with you: adaptive systems integration with personalized quotes and installation means we can expand with your business. Call for a quote and more information.




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