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DMP Solutions

DMP systems keypad entry panels are designed for your safety and comfort using advanced computer technology to make your security panel programmable. The result is a user-friendly, customizable system that can do exactly what you need it to do. Each system listed below uses keypads to allow users to use features of the system at different levels of access using personal user codes.

LT-1298fr manual and setup information for the XR-150FC / XR 550FC Wireless Fire Command Center Panel by DMP.

IFP2000 installation and operations panel for the IFP-2000/ECS RPS 2000 Analog/Addressable Fire System and Energy Communication System, by Farenhyt™.

DMP  XT50: Solutions for Residential Properties

The XT30 and XT50 security system from DMP solutions has the perfect combination of capabilities to be used in homes. The system has a direct connection to the Central Monitoring Station and can automatically send alarm, trouble, arming, and disarming reports to Central Station responders. Your system also tests itself regularly and the testing signals it sends are also monitored by technicians at the Central Station. Operators can dispatch appropriate authorities to contact you with specific event information or contact Triguard the moment an emergency or problem is detected.

You can also choose to send text message commands to control user operations from wherever using In Touch Text Messaging Commands. You can text the system to turn lights on and off, lock and unlock doors, and set the thermostat before you get home. The system also features Z-Wave compatible, allowing connection to lighting control modules, thermostat controls, and garage doors.  The system uses key fob access for multiple users so the entire family can easily arm or disarm the system.



DMP XR 150 and XR 550: Solutions for commercial properties

The XR 150 and XR 550 combines all the features of the XT 30/50 and XT 100/300/500 series and more to optimize the system for larger commercial properties. The key fob feature, for example, is upgraded to the card plus pin system to ensure even further against crimes like trespassing and burglary. For busy commercial properties, a monitor (chime) mode can be activated to notify you when visitors enter and exit even when the system is disarmed. EasyExit and Anti-Passback features prevent false alarms and panic zone, burglary zone, and system tests are made easy with programming features through keypad access for authorized users and computer software.

Like the XT 30/50 and XT 100/300/500 series, the XT 150 and 550 series features a constant connection and regular testing through the central monitoring station. The functions of the system greatly increase through integration; the system is capable of 8 separate areas.

Download the manual here: XR150 / XR550



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